Sunday, November 04, 2012

Abbas spokesman to release "proof" Israel conspiring with Hamas against PLO

For someone hailed as a serious leader, Abbas sure loves conspiracy theories.
The president's spokesman said late Saturday that the Palestinian Authority will release proof that Arab countries, Palestinian groups and Israel have held secret talks to sabotage the president's bid for a UN upgrade.

"What is this harmony between (Israeli premier Benajmin) Netanyahu and (Foreign Minister Avigdor) Lieberman on the one hand, and between Hamas and Arab parties on the other, in the attack on the president before heading to the United Nations?" Nabil Abu Rudaineh said in a statement.

Local groups, Arab countries and Israel have planned a campaign to thwart President Mahmoud Abbas efforts to upgrade Palestine to a non-member state at the UN General Assembly in the next month, the spokesman alleged.

He warned that they will soon publish confidential files of meetings to that effect.
I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the release of these files.

Abbas has previously insisted that Israel trains wild dogs to attack Arabs and wild pigs to destroy their crops. His Fatah group has previously accused Hamas of collaborating with Israel.

So why is a habitually lying paranoiac considered such a wonderful, moderate leader?

I don't know - ask Thomas Friedman.