Friday, November 09, 2012

Arafat might not be dug up - Pals and French squabble

It seems that the PA wants to take over the investigation of Arafat's death - and the French authorities in Gaza to exhume his body are not going for it.

According to Arabic media sources, the French experts dispatched to Ramallah reject PA interference in the investigation. For good reason, since the PA has been officially calling his death a murder in the eight years since he died.

The Palestinian Arab committee on Arafat's death is insisting that the results of the investigation go to them - presumably so they can control how it can be publicized. The French delegation is refusing, saying that this is a French judicial matter and they are bound by French law.

Swiss experts on-site to do the actual testing for polonium on Arafat's bones are apparently uninvolved in this controversy.

The controversy threatens to delay or even cancel the exhumation.

In other Arafat news, Hamas has banned any Fatah commemoration of the anniversary of his death this Sunday in Gaza.