Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Cease-fire" rockets still falling short in Gaza - and Lebanon!

From YNet:

Air raid sirens sounded shortly after 10 am on Thursday in the Eshkol Regional Council after a rocket appeared to have been fired towards the region from Gaza. Witnesses said that they saw the rocket exploding in a Palestinian territory. Security services said it was a false alarm.

The incident followed a relatively quiet night in Israel's south. The final Color Red alert sounded in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council at 22:58, two hours after the ceasefire between Israel and the factions in Gaza went into effect.

The IDF said that of the 13 projectiles that were fired from Gaza after 9 pm on Wednesday, ten failed to reach Israel, exploding in Palestinian territories instead. The army said Hamas and the Islamic Jihad intended to hold fire and to enforce the truce among the smaller factions across the Strip.
Those last two sentences are somewhat contradictory; it seems to mean that the smaller factions are still firing rockets despite the "cease fire."

No word yet on where exactly the rockets fell short or anything about injuries or damage. But Gaza media never mentions that anyway.

It appears that the south isn't the only border where terrorists are trying to shoot rockets into Israel:

The Lebanese army disabled a rocket on Thursday which was primed to be fired into northern Israel and said two others were launched late on Wednesday but fell short of the border.

An army statement said the incidents all took place near the southern Lebanese town of Marjayoun, about five km from Israel's northern border.

On Monday the army dismantled two rockets aimed towards Israel, which bombed the Gaza Strip for eight days until a Wednesday evening truce.

Security sources said one of the 107 millimeter rockets fired on Wednesday fell about 500 meters inside Lebanese territory and the other landed right on the border. There were no reports of casualties.
Don't forget - groups in Egypt also are shooting rockets towards Israel as well.

Plus the occasional mortar coming over from Syria.

This is what "calm" looks like.