Friday, November 09, 2012

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From Ian:

LATMA The man who can beat Bibi

Meanwhile, on the Israeli-Palestinian Issue by Elliott Abrams
"Nevertheless, this Palestinian move brings potential benefits as well. First, once “Palestine” has become a UN member state it is far harder to argue that the “one-state solution” remains viable. Legally, the Palestinians will have moved definitively away from that outcome. Second, if this new status for the PLO creates difficulties for Israel it creates greater ones for “Palestine.” What is Gaza, after all? A “lost province” that has rebelled, or territory of the new state—and if the latter, isn’t it an act of war every time a mortar or rocket is launched by Gazans into Israel? If “Palestine” is a UN member state, what is the legal status of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza? Are they citizens of that state—and if so, why not shut down UNRWA, the UN agency that deals with Palestinian “refugees?” This leaves the Palestinians to argue that their new UN status is meaningless, unimportant, symbolic—which once again raises the question why the PLO is doing it. I suppose it is because the leadership has no constructive ideas about what to do, and has found the difficult daily work of building a state unattractive."

Refugee issue must not cloud statehood bid
“His comment struck many observers as the diplomatic equivalent of waving a white flag. A failure of leadership, some Palestinians claimed. Traitor, others called him. Yet no one, as far as we can tell, has yet offered a more appropriate label for the comment: realistic.
“Mr Abbas no doubt underestimated, astonishing though this seems, the passions Palestinians hold for their ancestral homeland. But if the Palestinians' goal is an independent state - a position they will soon be advocating again at the UN - then the only way forward will be through hard, painful compromise.
MEMRI: PA President Mahmoud Abbas Presents His Views on the Right of Return VIDEO

Friends With Benefits Why the U.S.-Israeli Alliance Is Good for America
“Beyond leading to largely symbolic UN votes against U.S. positions, Washington’s support for Israel has hardly damaged the United States’ ties with its Arab and Muslim allies. Standing with Israel certainly has not hobbled U.S. policy toward the region as much as the war in Iraq or Washington’s backing of autocratic Arab regimes. Meanwhile, no Arab ally of the United States has ever, as a result of its pro-Israel posture, refused to cooperate with Washington on counterterrorism or denied its requests for access, basing, or overflight rights.”

Progression of a lie: Haaretz, ‘apartheid,’ and Twitter
"They say a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. And with communication technology like Facebook and Twitter, this has never been more true than today.
But what happens once the truth is fully dressed? What if, to take the travel analogy a bit further, the lie continues to circulate unhindered because the truth lives in an unpopular, under-served neighborhood, which discriminatory taxi drivers prefer to avoid?"

Bibi and Main Rival Agree on Peace Process
"In short, contrary to the media’s persistent portrayal of Netanyahu as a “hardline right-winger” heading a “far right” coalition, his positions on the Palestinian issue are shared by almost all Israelis – not only supporters of his coalition, but also supporters of what is likely to be the main opposition party come January, assuming Netanyahu (as expected) forms the next government. What will probably keep Yacimovich out of his coalition aren’t her diplomatic views, but his economic ones.
Hence if Obama is hoping for an Israeli leader whose positions on the “peace process” will be closer to his own than Netanyahu’s, he should think again: There isn’t one."

Will Obama Impose a Peace Plan On Israel?
"But Eldar’s scenario is a leftist fantasy that won’t come true. The PA’s UN campaign — the so-called diplomatic “tsunami” that was supposed to isolate Israel but which turned out to be nothing more than a light drizzle — failed in 2011. That was not just the result of Obama’s veto threat, but also because even the Palestinians’ friends know that granting independence to the PA when its Hamas rival controls much of its territory is insane. The PA is a corrupt, bankrupt failure that can’t make peace even if it wanted to, and even the Europeans know Abbas’s gambit would be a disaster."

Senior Palestinian official claims Abbas may postpone UN move, report says
If US offers ‘clear objective’ for negotiations, Ramallah said willing to reconsider a unilateral push for nonmember state status

IDF ground forces enter Gaza after finding tunnel packed with explosives
Bombs detonate while troops are crossing back into Israel, lightly injuring one soldier and throwing an army jeep 20 meters into the air

Arabs Torch Jewish Neighbors' Cars - Video
Security camera captures Arab terror act in Jerusalem's French Hill.

Police in probe over tyre-slashing near Bradford Alhambra Theatre
"Police are investigating whether a tyre-slashing spree in a car park close to the Alhambra Theatre could be linked to a demonstration against an Israeli dance troupe performing there.
Five vehicles were attacked in the unlit car park in Sharpe Street, yards from the Alhambra, where a performance by the Batsheva Ensemble dance company was taking place."

MEMRI: Al-Manar TV, Banned By The U.S. And U.K., Now Hosted On U.K. And Netherlands Servers

Kids’ Books Glorify Jihad at Frankfurt Book Fair
World’s most prestigious book fair also features anti-Semitic books

European court rejects PETA appeal over ‘Holocaust’ ads
Ban on German billboards that likened animals to genocide victims was not a violation of free speech, judges rule

Israel Aids Victims of Both Sandy and Ghana Shopping Center Collapse
"Just days after Israel Flying Aid, an Israeli global humanitarian organization, distributed supplies of gas, food, batteries and generators to Hurricane Sandy victims, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Homefront Command delegation departed for Ghana to assist search-and-rescue efforts following the collapse of a multi-story shopping center in the city of Accra that killed at least four people and trapped dozens."
IDF Blog It’s Our Job: Mission International Rescue

Beyond the bike
Israeli-invented origami-style reinforced cardboard could eventually replace metal, super-green bicycle inventor says


Abu who? by Martin Sherman, JPost