Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hamas claims "spies" are turning themselves in, urges Gazans to ignore warning leaflets

Palestine Today reports that the Hamas interior minister announced that some Gazans have turned themselves in for being spies for Israel.

The minister, Islam Shahwan, said that they are being kept safe in exchange for their cooperation.

Six suspected spies were executed and their bodies mutilated yesterday by this same, thoughtful Hamas government.

Islamic Jihad reported on a vigilante lynching of a "collaborator" in Gaza City on Friday as well.

Shahwan also warned Gazans about Israeli intelligence using emails and phone calls to turn them into spies. He said that some will impersonate government officials.

Furthermore, Shahwan warned Gazans to ignore any Israeli leaflets that are dropped, warning them that bombs will be dropped in their area. He urged them to stay home instead.

The 1977 Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions requires that, if possible, civilians must be warned:

Effective advance warning shall be given of attacks which may affect the civilian population, unless circumstances do not permit.

But Hamas is telling citizens to ignore warnings meant to save their lives.

Is there any further proof needed that Hamas wants to see Gazan civilians killed?

Hamas knows that every dead baby - on both sides - is a victory. It is a shame that the media hasn't yet caught onto that simple fact.