Monday, November 05, 2012

Islam Today: "Sandy is a soldier of Allah"

The Arabic edition of Islam Today asks: "Hurricane Sandy: Divine punishment or weather phenomenon?"

Here is a paraphrase of the arguments given in this article.

The article curiously starts off by asserting that the US media has been all but ignoring the hurricane, and is concentrating on stories in other parts of the world. Why is the media ignoring such a story, we are asked? Why does the United States fear talking about Sandy? What are the Americans scared of?

The answer, we learn, is that American leaders are afraid to discuss the might of the storm, which cannot be explained as a natural phenomenon, because it shows that for all of the military strength of the US, it cannot defend itself against a storm.

Muslims, however, know that "Allah is severe in punishment," so Sandy must be divine punishment for America's sins.

What sins? Well, Americans interfere with Muslims directly or indirectly, and implement plans prepared by its Jewish lobby for the destruction of the Muslim, leaving widows weeping and screaming, and devastated the economies of Arab peoples - even making them eat garbage.

Moreover, in the name of democracy and freedom the Americans abuse Mohammed and other prophets, including making films that insult the greatest of all prophets.

Thus, Allah chose to punish America, ironically, using the two essential elements of life, namely: water and air. America has a missile shield, and intercontinental missiles, and all the necessary plans for nuclear war, spending billions of dollars, and yet the power of Allah crushed and exterminating Americans using air and water!

You might ask, is this not revenge? But revenge has a good source in the Quran, so that's not a problem!

You might ask further, what about innocent women and children who are killed? Doesn't matter - Allah kills the innocent along with the guilty, as it also states in the Quran.

Summing it up, Islam Today declares that "Sandy is a soldier of Allah" doing his bidding to teach Americans to stop oppressing Muslims so much.

Too bad these brave Muslims didn't have the guts to publish an English version. Perhaps they don't really believe that Allah would protect them with a miraculous hurricane.