Friday, November 09, 2012

Islamic scholars from Egypt flock to Gaza to preach Jihad

From Hamas' Palestine Times:

The head of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Egypt, Salah Sultan, says that dozens of Islamic scholars will run convoys to the Gaza Strip in the coming months.

The famous Egyptian preacher told the Palestine Times on Friday: "The main objective of these visits is to lead the nation to destroy and break the Israeli siege of Gaza and encourage people to wage jihad for the sake of God and life in the cause of God. "

He continued, "There are dozens of caravans and delegations from Egypt's scholars who will follow the convoy of scholars and preachers that arrived in Gaza two days ago."

He pointed out that Egypt's Islamic scholars are trying to lead the nation to break the blockade of Gaza and lift the morale of the people of Gaza and Palestine and spreading the spirit of jihad in the Islamic nation. "We and all the scholars want to supply the people of Gaza with the spirit of the will and the challenge to understand the broken Israeli and American hegemony."
Because Gaza needs more people preaching jihad.