Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israel sends aid to Gaza - while Egypt sends human shields

COGAT, the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories that is a part of the IDF, allowed 70 truckfuls of medical supplies, cooking gas, food and other goods to enter Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing today.

Notably, Kerem Shalom was itself under attack only a couple of days ago.

I simply cannot recall another instance of the target of hundreds of rockets allowing the enemy to receive food and medicine through its own territory, especially when there is a perfectly good crossing available from an ally.

Egypt did send some medical supplies - not as actual aid, but as propaganda as they allowed hundreds of anti-Israel activists - really, human shields - into Gaza to show solidarity with the terrorists.

Egyptian border authorities have allowed 400 political activists to cross into the Gaza Strip to express solidarity with Palestinians, as Israeli airstrikes pounded the coastal enclave for a fifth day, organizers said.

“We want the free world to stop the onslaught on defenseless civilians,” said Mahmoud Ali of the Constitution Party, according to state-owned news agency MENA. “We want to relay to the steadfast Palestinian people the support of all Egyptians.”

“We brought them medical supplies in coordination with the Egyptian Red Crescent,” said activist Amira Sheaishaa.

A five-bus convoy transporting members of several Egyptian parties and political movements arrived at the country's Rafah border crossing with Gaza, officials said.
400 people in five buses would not leave much room for "medical supplies." (Another source said 550 "activists" and eight buses.)

Does anyone think that if Israel was indiscriminately bombing Gaza buildings, the way that the Arab and leftist media portray them, that hundreds of Egyptians would be pouring in to "show solidarity"? No, these "activists" want to do what anti-Israel groups always do in the name of "human rights" - protect terrorist infrastructure from being attacked. They know that the IDF won't target civilians the way Hamas and other Gaza groups do.

The idea of leftist activists traveling to Israel's beleaguered communities in Beersheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Kiryat Malachi to "show solidarity" is simply too absurd to imagine.

Israel also allowed patients to travel through the Erez crossing into Israel itself:

It is also notable that Hamas was preventing journalists and other internationals from leaving Gaza for several hours today, as well as last Friday, and Israel freely allowed them to travel.