Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jordanians freak over tiny map in health brochure that mentions "Israel"

Assabeel notes that Jordan's "Association Against Zionism and Racism" is strongly protesting a tiny map shown in the background of an illustration in a pamphlet meant to teach health awareness.

Here's the drawing:

And here is the offensive map, enlarged:

The anti-Zionist group is upset at a number of things.

One, of course, is that "Israel" is mentioned within the 1949 armistice lines.

Second, is that instead of saying "Palestine" in the area between Israel and Jordan, it only says "West Bank."

Third is the complete absence of the word "Jordan" at all in the light blue area.

Fourth is that the Golan Heights is referred to as "occupied by Israel" - which implies that other areas of the territories, and Israel itself, are not themselves "occupied."

Their research showed that other health brochures were partially funded by USAID, so their little conspiracy-leaning minds went into overdrive, saying that the US has been behind this travesty.

They are claiming that the US is pushing a "Jordan is Palestine" scenario by publishing this map in the background and not mentioning Jordan, as well as forcing Jordanians to recognize a state that their government already recognizes.

The commenters wholeheartedly are latching on this conspiracy theory of US -funded brainwashing of innocent Jordanian kids. After all, don't all kids obsess over the background details of boring health pamphlets?

(h/t Yisrael Medad)