Sunday, November 11, 2012

Religious and moral Hezbollah involved in drug scandal

From Al Arabiya:
Lebanon has been rocked by a scandal involving the brother of a top Hezbollah official suspected of importing untested pharmaceutical products through forged government documents.

Lebanon’s Parliamentary Health Committee chief Atef Majdalan revelead on Thursday that “four pharmaceutical importers were involved in an operation to import more than 100 types of drugs through forged [documentation].”

It later emerged that a brother of Minister of State for Administrative Reform Mohammad Fneish -- also a Hezbollah member –was involved in the scandal. Media reports even suggested minister Fneish might have facilitated the forging of health ministry documents for his brother and that four pharmaceutical firms implicated in the case had ties to Hezbollah.

Future News television reported on Friday that Fneish’s brother “forged the signature” of Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil to import untested drugs. The television added that the drugs entered the country “10 months ago” and that the firms involved in the importation had ties with Hezbollah.

Future News is close to the Lebanese Future Movement critical of Hezbollah and its military arsenal.

Lebanese al-Nahar newspaper reported that the firms imported most of the drugs from South East Asia and sealed them with the stamp of an accomplice company in Britain to suggest that the medicines were made in Europe.
Of course, Hezbollah has been involved in the South American cocaine trade, so this is child's play for them. But it shows that they have as little regard for the lives of fellow Lebanese as they do for infidel drug addicts in the West.