Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thousands murdered in Syria, so UCI targets Jews building homes (update)

UCI: where parents pay kids to learn lies
The "Associated Students of UCI" (University of California-Irvine) met last night and voted, 16-0, to divest from various companies that do business in Israel.

The targeted companies include Caterpillar (of course,) Cement Roadstones Holding, Cemex, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Raytheon, Sodastream and L-3 Communications.

The reasons given are the usual mix of flat-out lies and absurd exaggerations. The resolution says that Israel practices "apartheid", that it levels entire neighborhoods in refugee camps (I have yet to hear UNRWA mention that one,) and that it " ruthlessly level[ed] civilian dense regions" during Cast Lead.

Of course, ASUCI has nothing to say about the hundred of people likely to be murdered in Syria today, or about institutionalized discrimination against Palestinian Arabs in Lebanon to the extent that they cannot build houses or hold many jobs, or against Hamas celebrating the firing of deadly rockets at Israeli schoolchildren this week, or of the daily incitement in official Palestinian Arab media to destroy Israel completely. 

No, they are far more concerned over Israel building a wall to stop suicide bombers.

Years of anti-Israel and anti-semitic [in the case of Sodastream] indoctrination pays off. UCI's professors and administration must be so proud.

The executive board of the student government has yet to approve this absurd measure that targets the right of self-determination of Jews. We'll see if they have any more sense or if they also get swept up in the pogrom-like mentality of viciously attacking anything to do with Israel.

(h/t Jennifer)

UPDATE: A little searching shows that UCI uses HP printers, multi-function copiers, desktop computers - and servers.

Have fun convincing the data centers to replace all their equipment, guys!